Weleda “only the WMS solution from Tasklet Factory was 100 % integrated into our ERP system”

13 juni 2017

Weleda turned their warehouse in the Netherlands into an effective warehouse.

Weleda started to investigate the WMS market in 2011. “ We wanted a warehouse management solution where we could use scanners at our warehouse, so we could keep better track of receive, put-away and pick orders ” says Onno Rietveld, IT manager at Weleda. “ The goal for us, was to do things faster, make fewer mistakes and save some time”. Weleda made some assumptions about how much time they could save. “ I guess we will have a fast ROI. The many hours we spent at ineffective work before implementing the WMS solution from Tasklet Factory didn’t give us any value for our business. “ Says Onno. Moreover they don’t have to work with papers anymore at Weleda.

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