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HB SmartTrade successfully verified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We are delighted and proud to inform you that our product HB SmartTrade has been officially certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

Certification is Microsoft’s highest achievable accreditation for software developed by partners for sector-specific business applications. To acquire this status, you have to meet a substantial number of technical, legal and commercial criteria.

This certification is your guarantee that HB SmartTrade has been tested forthe following:

1-    Guaranteed continuity: In case of emergencies, the software can be made accessible by third parties, because of the possibility to connect an escrow agreement, if so desired;

2-    User satisfaction among organisations: Clients are willing to pro-actively testify that they like the solution; 

3-    Compatibility with Microsoft Dynamics 2018

4-    The code meets Microsoft’s criteria and can therefore be understood by any third parties;

5-    Correct documentation and the availability of help files.

Our business software for (international) trading companies has been set up to provide an overview of the complex world of trade. It provides more insight, resulting in improved delivery and margin management.

For more information, please https://hbsmarttrade.com/en/.

Streamlining Logistical Processes

International Wholesale

Customs paperwork should always be shipshape and you need to be abreast of goods in transit at all times. In (international) trade, logistical processes are absolutely considered a challenge. HB SmartTrade helps you get a grip on logistic issues, from knowing exactly when goods will arrive with customers to phrasing answers to customs with a single mouse click.

Especially Created for You 

HB SmartTrade was created together with key players from international trade, to respond to your most vital issues. From something simple as spotting a vessel’s whereabouts with a single mouse click to something substantial, such as notifying your customers of possible delays. HP SmartTrade helps you to provide the service your customers expect. 

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The best of HB SmartTrade for (international) wholesale: 

  • An all-in-one system for design, production and distribution 
  • Smart inventory management: Optimized at all times 
  • Inventory control across the entire chain 
  • Clear overview of market prices: Anticipating on changes 
  • Quality control: Certification made easy

Knowing Exactly How Much You Make

Worldwide Business to Business (B2B)

When transporting goods all over the globe, gaining insight in all financial flows is not exactly an easy task. And pretty time-consuming too. HB SmartTrade combines all administrations into a single application and lets users decide which crosscuts they want to see. A single contract or product, or perhaps an entire month?

What You Normally Would Have to Do Yourself… 

HB SmartTrade easily connects costs to a contract, so you will exactly know its total cost price. Price changes are implemented throughout the entire system immediately. Real-time Financial figures are at hand at any given moment. Just to mention a few of HB SmartTrade’s clever features.

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The best of HB SmartTrade for B2B: 

  • Margin per individual contract: Knowing how much you make at every level 
  • Logistics: Clear overview of all movements 
  • Immediate payment processing: Genuine real-time data 
  • Documents and customs paperwork will be shipshape immediately 
  • Continuous overview of all delivery times and dates

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As many of our products, HB SmartTrade is the result of collaboration with several key players from international trade. What is more fun than teaching leading lights how an ERP system could really help their segment?

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