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HB Real Estate

HB Real Estate successfully verified for Microsoft Dynamics 365

HB Real Estate is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Together with sector clients, HB Software has tailored the application to meet all typical demands within the real estate world. HB Real Estate already assists 30 leading real estate companies in working faster and managing daily operation more efficiently.   
Make HB Real Estate work for you. 

Always Have Requested Information Close at Hand

Real Estate Developer

HB Real Estate is smart project software, configured to arrange all administration from idea to completion and present it transparently. Thanks to its usability, answers to a wide variety of questions are always at hand for everyone within the organization. 

Project Software That Matches Your Identity 

Real estate development starts with a financial plan and an estimate. Intelligent calculation models help you determine project feasibility and in which form. Upon implementation, the software is further configured to support proprietary work routines, or even improve them. HB Real Estate is easy to use, anyone within your organization can handle it.  

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The best of HB Real Estate for project developers:  

  • Project planning and prognosis 
  • Project division and/or replacement 
  • Cash flow and liquidity per project or portfolio 
  • Project administration that ‘thinks’ in development stages  
  • Integration with document management tools and web portals 




In Time and Within Budget

Housing corporations

Housing corporations have to do increasingly more with less. Project monitoring is therefore crucial.  Even if you plan projects years ahead, HB Real Estate can help you in making the right choices, to ensure budgets are not exceeded and deadlines are met.  

Work Faster, Know More 

HB Real Estate combines all project and rental data into a single database. Each data crosscut is easily retrievable, providing the insight needed to make decisions quickly and properly. The usability ensures that information is easily accessible for anyone within your organization, enabling you to work faster and more efficiently.  
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The best of HB Real Estate for housing corporations: 

  • Project administration for development and renovation 
  • Standard criteria for cost estimates when establishing a foundation  
  • Estimates and (partial) budget control 
  • Integration with primary systems 
  • Reporting tools 


Feasibility Analyses That Let You Do Your Work


HB Real Estate acts as a financial consultant for contractors involved in project development. Thanks to smart project administration, you can easily assess possible project scenarios.  

Project and Portfolio Assessment at All Levels  

HB Real Estate combines the variety of administrations of your projects. The application offers a multitude of insights, such as cash flow analyses, project planning and budget control. With Exsion Reporting, you can use this information to compile clear and well-structured reports. HB Real Estate takes time-consuming calculations off your hands, enabling your organization to focus on the real work.  

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The best of HB Real Estate for contractors: 

  • Short implementation time and significant usability 
  • Risk management and cost control  
  • Monitoring of your current processes  
  • Facilitation of more efficient work routines 
  • Real-time overviews 



Always Know What Is Going On In Your Portfolio


All information in a single database, from maintenance and billing to sales. This will avoid unpleasant surprises and enable you to make decisions based on effective reports always at hand.  

Software Fine-tuned to Your Daily Operation 

Overview and clarity are essential to generate good returns, which is something HB Real Estate takes into account. Project administration is geared to real estate and compatible with a wide variety of real estate industry standards. Information from a multitude of administrations is combined into a single database, providing easy insight. 

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The best of HB Real Estate for investors: 

  • Smarter purchases/sales 
  • Real-time overview, down to complex levels  
  • Project administration geared to real estate  
  • Connection/exchange of landlord administration  
  • Cloud-based: Accessible for the entire organization  


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At HB Software, it is paramount that extensive functionality does not interfere with application usability. We believe it is important, that everyone within your organization should be able to work within a single system, without requiring all of you to go back to school. Would you like to know what HB Real Estate can do for you? 

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