Everything All at Once, Yet Maintaining Control

HB Laboratory

Laboratories are subject to strict international standards with respect to quality control and data recording. These requirements should therefore also apply to software. Information should be gathered on a project basis, easily accessible and financial follow-up should be thorough and accurate. HB Laboratory is a LIMS (Laboratory Information and Management System) application, based on the reliable Microsoft Dynamics platform, which can fill the entire work flow.

HB Laboratory helps with recording information, as well as processing it in the work flow, up to and including financial reporting, through a familiar and user-friendly interface. Coworkers have immediate overviews of work inventories and can record findings fast, easily and accurately. Whether you use using a PC, tablet or smartphone, our software is ready.

Complete Insight Through Usability

Everything All at Once, Yet Maintaining Control

Research has shown that frequent interruptions and the balance between multiple simultaneous tasks are quite difficult for employees. HB Laboratory helps solving these issues, thanks to a role-based design combined with a familiar and user-friendly interface. 

Results Within Reach

For laboratories it is paramount, that the quality and reliability of delivered results are of the highest level possible. Employees must have insight in work inventories and be able to record their findings fast, easily and accurately. Whether they use a PC, tablet or smartphone, our software is ready.

An All-in-one Solution

A complete overview can only be achieved with a fully integrated ERP solution, which does not contain isles operating autonomously and always looks for information. You simply need clear work flows that are accessible anywhere, through a logic and even web-based interface, if so desired. Every laboratory is different and has its own infrastructure, therefore HB Laboratory is available as an on-site solution, as well as in the cloud. Features such as electronic (document) approval, drag & drop, document management and business intelligence round up the complete overview.

Business and Science

Combined It goes without saying, that information should not only be recorded, but also processed on a project basis. This means that assignments must be created, project data and planning is monitored and that billing and accounting are integrated. Depending on a given staff member’s position within the company, he or she will have or be denied access to certain information.

Complete Insight Through Usability

HB Laboratory provides a complete palette for scientific research, quality control and overview of inspections. There are several modules available that can provide a matching solution, for medical and other companies. It is possible to monitor projects, register (billable) hours and the financial module will make sure your billing and accounting will be shipshape. The Exsion Reporting module provides any desired insight through a user-friendly interface. Unexpected surprises will belong to the past, in terms of research results as well as financially.

HB Laboratory Highlights

Data recording: 

  • Test groups 
  • Test set(s) 
  • Materials 
  • Projects 
  • Validation criteria 
  • Samples 
  • Results 
  • Storage locations 
  • Patients 
  • Care Institutions 
  • Departments 
  • Doctors and general practitioners 
  • Insurers 
  • Public Health Services 
  • Reports 


  • Change logs 
  • Tracking & tracing 
  • Validation 
  • Printing barcode labels 
  • Barcode scanning 


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At HB Software, it is paramount that extensive functionality does not interfere with application usability. We believe it is important, that everyone within your organization should be able to work within a single system, without requiring all of you to go back to school. Would you like to know what HB Laboratory can do for you?

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