More Grip on Processes, from Production to Logistics

HB Construction Supply

HB Construction Supply is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and configured by HB Software to assist companies in this industry in operating faster and more aware and resolute.  
Let HB Construction Supply Help You. 

A Single Solution for the Entire Organization

Construction Material Wholesalers

Faster order entry, automatic administration of counter sales and timely transit of goods at all times. This and much more can be achieved with HB Construction Supply. This application supports all organizational processes and simultaneously provides the management information that helps you get all the grip you need. 

Software That Helps You Save Time

Due to financial and logistical flows coming together into a single system, your work routines can easily be supported. HB Construction Supply is fully tailored to your daily operation. We have examined all aspects in determining how to get things done faster and better.  

Software That Helps You Save Time  

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The best of HB Construction Supply for wholesalers: 

  • Establish price agreements: You can never go wrong 
  • Automatic product combinations: Less data entry 
  • Multiple inventory locations: Overview at a glance 
  • Conversion tools: Volumes and weights are used as calculation units 
  • Smart inventory management: No need to worry about orders 


Finding Better Profit Margins

Raw Materials in Bulk

Profit margins on cubic meters or tons are often very limited. In such scenarios, being able to reap profits from little things is essential. Working faster, gaining thorough insight in fuel prices and making cost prices even more transparent, are areas in which HB Construction Supply can assist you.  

Software That Adapts to Your Preferred Way of Working 

Cost prices can easily be assigned to client records, but just as easily gathered in a comprehensive overview. If so desired, you can opt for automatic billing. HB Construction Supply will administrate all operational processes and you can freely choose which information to retrieve from the system.   

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The best of HB Construction Supply for raw materials in bulk: 

  • Inventory optimization across several branches 
  • Quality analyses  
  • Real-time management information 
  • Connection with, for example, weighbridges 
  • Supply and demand planning 


Improved Control of Logistic Systems

Liquid Concrete

The world of concrete is filled with sector-specific challenges. For example, the fact that concrete may never arrive too soon or too late at construction sites. HB Construction Supply makes sure that companies in the liquid concrete industry do not spend any second more than absolutely necessary on these challenges.  

How would you like it? 

HB Construction Supply is specifically geared to the demands of this market. For example, there is a bit more focus on logistics in this Microsoft Dynamics NAV setup. With some clients, it is even connected to weighbridge software. Upon implementation, HB Construction Supply is further configured or extended with your specific needs.  

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The best of HB Construction Supply for liquid concrete: 

  • Connection with TomTom Work and fleet management systems 
  • New mixture creation wizard 
  • Fully integrated production planning 
  • Increased plant and mixer efficiency 
  • Automatic data reading of new construction projects


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With proper experience, you can create software that really is capable of working for you. From something simple as planning transport within five seconds to something substantial as optimizing inventory. Quite often, tiny details make a big difference.  

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