ERP-independent Financial Consolidation

Exsion Corporate

Exsion Corporate (formerly known as ExQL) serves as a reliable consolidation environment for dozens of clients. Exsion Corporate automatically supports data collection and verification (realization and forecasts) of operating companies, elimination between operating companies and generates reports for management staff and organizational governance. This consolidation application is used by listed companies and (international) corporations.

Besides financial reports, our clients often use Exsion Corporate for other purposes as well. Non-financial data, for example, the number of employees of individual operating companies are gathered and incorporated into the consolidation. Using Excel, reports can be modified and made visually more appealing.

Consolidation in the blink of an eye

Have time for the really important things

With Exsion Corporate you don’t have to chase up figures to get a complete overview. All the group’s reports are automatically read and merged in Exsion Corporate’s central database. Cutting and pasting will become a thing of the past and your figures will be right first time. No matter how you want to present them – as an impressive digital book or in a printed version – Exsion will compile them for you. So now you can spend your time doing the things that really matter. 

One solution for all reports

Since all the data is already in the database

When entering and merging data, Exsion takes the work off your hands. All information that is read at the source will be correct due to the smart checks and verifications. When merging the data, Exsion performs the calculations you need for your reports. It is simple enough that you can even re-work the reports, so you no longer need a consultant every time you want to make changes. Due to the flexibility of Exsion Corporate - Exsion actually works with every digital source - many clients also use the software to create safety reports, liquidity forecasts and reports on ecological footprints. 


The software was created using Microsoft technology and common Office products (such as Excel and Outlook. The database is provided in SQL Server Express format (the free version). To run Exsion Corporate, you will need a relatively light-weight server. Hardware and software investments are modest and easily scalable. Exsion Corporate is also available as a cloud-based solution.

Project Approach

HB Software will develop an initial basic reporting set (income and balance statement) and configure the database. You will receive a three-day training in application management and form building, after which you will be able to get started on your own. HB Software will then step backward and support you in creating and editing your own reporting sets.


Case: Consolidation and Forecast

The cooperative society has branches in 22 countries. There is a single ERP system, used to manage products, inventory and accounting, with the exception of financial planning and reporting. Exsion Corporate supports inter-company elimination, budgeting, forecast and financial consolidation. Reports for the Supervisory Board are generated automatically.

Case: Consolidation in Buy-and-build Strategies

For years already, Exsion Corporate has been running smoothly and stable, providing financial and management consolidation to 350 European companies. The mother company, quoted on the stock exchange, decides to proceed with the biggest acquisition in its history. Within two months, an additional 180 companies must be consolidated and 150 additional users must (automatically) provide figures. The deadlines are met and after two months the new daughter’s data are incorporated in the consolidation.  

Case: Consolidation That Continues After Spin-off

A UK company is acquired by an investment company. To continue reporting, Exsion Corporate, the consolidation system of the mother company, is purchased. Its reporting set is largely endorsed. The investment company transfers other US companies to the aforementioned company and partially lists the group on the stock exchange. Exsion Corporate demonstrates flexibility in handling these changes and acts as the reporting backbone of this international corporation.

Case: Project Consolidation and Prognosis

A Dutch construction company relies on its ERP system for its operational processes. However, forecasts of regionally implemented projects and financial consolidation are done through Exsion Corporate. Exsion Corporate thus constitutes the financial reporting axis of the company: Forecasts are assessed each month and future profitability is monitored.

Case: Consolidation of Floating Equipment

A towing company operating internationally, uses Exsion Corporate to collect data on the daily operation of vessels sailing world seas. Each month, the holding knows the result of each individual vessel and its future development. 

Case: Investment Consolidation

An investment company has global investments in the mining industry and companies that produce raw materials. Local accountants draft quarterly financial statements and submit reports that are consolidated through Exsion Corporate, which in turn generates overviews. Investment managers are able to perfectly monitor performance of operating companies. The investment company itself can implement changes in reporting packages.


- Low investment
- You can get started yourself, you are not dependent upon consultants
- Proven technology
- Short lead times
- Exsion Corporate runs independent of your ERP software
- Best practices, due to a multitude of Exsion Corporate usage scenarios
- End users with Excel knowledge do not require training, a set of instructions
  will suffice.


- Several consolidation trees: Financial, management, legal etc.
- Several account schedules
- Authorization: Per user, process or organization, or a combination
- Flexible reporting options
- Open interface: Automatic reading of data from any ERP system
- Report distribution through file sharing, e-mail and downloads
- SOX-compliant
- Supports all currencies
- Balance sheets and change statements
- Inter-company elimination

Will Exsion Work for Me?

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