Exsion Reporting SQL

13 september 2018

Exsion SQL is an Excel add-in, that allows immediate access to any Microsoft SQL database. Exsion SQL was created as a result of the success of Exsion Reporting for Dynamics NAV. Many controllers feel the need to be able to perform calculations with data from a database themselves, create overviews and generate lists in Excel. 

The advantages of Exsion SQL:

  • Real-time database data can be retrieved immediately;
  • Working with old Excel versions is no longer necessary;
  • You can easily combine data yourself.

All This Can Be Done with Exsion SQL

It is possible to use Exsion SQL alongside Exsion Reporting for Dynamics NAV. Users will be provided with an Excel add-in that enables them to export data from a database to a separate tab and edit them.


We will install Exsion SQL in consultation with the application administrator, including a translation of table field names into field names that are familiar to you as a user. After that you can get started right away. This is taken care of in one day.


Due to each database being unique, we provide customized training. 

Exsion SQL pricing 2020 (NL)