Customer Rating for Exsion Reporting

13 april 2018

In the March 2018 edition of the HB Inspiration Newsletter we asked our Exsion clients three questions. Read the results of this survey below. 


  • How do you rate Exsion Reporting in general?

  • What do you consider to be Exsion’s major strengths?

  • What improvements would you recommend?

Question one:  How do you rate Exsion Reporting in general

After averaging the outcomes, we ended up with a decent eight of ten points. We are very happy with this score and particularly proud that Exsion is highly appreciated.

Question two:  What do you consider to be Exsion’s major strengths? 

Below, you can read some of the answers provided. 

  • Direct link to the Dynamics NAV database, while being able to use all Excel functions for reporting.

  • Flexibility of use.

  • The speed of dynamic downloads.

  • The possibility to retrieve all data from the Dynamics database.

  • Good insight, enabling you to create proper joins and the possibility to create your own functions.

  • All information can be retrieved from your ERP suite within a few seconds. This provides new opportunities to create reports containing new information and to quickly update them, as a result of which, reporting can be done faster and is less prone to errors. 

  • It is easy to build and link datasets and retrieve data.

  • Reports can be built easily and quickly.

  • A relatively economical way to present and analyze information from Dynamics NAV in a different manner, having ERP suppliers build customizations is expensive and time-consuming.

  • The basics are easy to use.

  • Speedy information retrieval.

Question three: What improvements would you recommend?
We have tried to formulate and explain answers and/or solutions to suggested points for improvement as clearly as possible.

  • Performance: Refreshing data sometimes takes a very long time, especially when Exsion is first started on a given day.
    Our response: This issue has been solved in version 11, with Dynamics NAV 2013 and up. 
  • Improve task planner performance.
    Our response: We have already implemented several options for automatic sending of reports, including RBE, a separate piece of server-based software.
  • Where possible, create automatic joins (through pop-up windows), now it sometimes happens that join suggestions are not made automatically.
    Our response: This is already possible. Join suggestions can only be made if a join is possible within the database.
  • The possibility to automatically update Exsion reports without having to open Exsion. Some tables do not function properly when combined with filter actions. This issue primarily occurs with Mercash tables, as a result of which, Exsion becomes unreliable.
    Our response: When an Exsion report functions properly manually, it will also in the 3D task planner. However, Mercash and other add-ons sometimes use fields with a Variant or Integer SQL datatype, while physically they are code fields. This can cause problems with joining or filtering.
  • Performance improvement: Exsion becomes very slow, especially when it is used with Excel functions, causing instability. The Excel add-on  frequently disappears from the Excel ribbon. When using a dynamic download of the same table in different tabs in an Excel file, the downloads are not placed in the right position, they often replace each other.
    Our response: The download definition problem has been solved in Exsion 10 and up. Performance with respect to use of functions strongly depends on the report in question. We sometimes see reports containing thousands of Excel functions, i.e. thousands of database retrieval requests. This is experienced as a performance issue, while it basically is pretty fast. To address this problem, Expressions were introduced in Exsion 10, resulting in a significant increase in performance speed. 
  • Implementation of NAV profile-based rights (for instance, table filtering). Our response: This issue is on our development agenda, but has not yet been implemented in Exsion 11.
  • Task planner options: When selecting a week, it is not possible to set a start date and it is likely set to a week later. 
    Our response: We are currently reviewing whether this can be implemented in Exsion 11.
  • When using Exsion formulas, I would like to be able to see multiple companies at cell level simultaneously.
    Our response: This wish has been expressed previously, its disadvantage is performance loss. However, there are ways to solve this functionally.
  • I am looking for ways to bypass Excel limitations.
    Our response: We would like to know what the respondent in question means with “limitations”. A lot can be done when VBA is used.
  • Increase usability of the Wizard within Excel ( a small window is awkward). Functionalities seem unnecessary complex, that is, until you know them by heart, of course. Save previously entered Exsion tables as a template.
    Our response: This will largely be resolved by the option to resize windows in Exsion 11. Download definitions can already be saved as templates.
  • The possibility to use various Excel functions within an expression, for example the IF and SUMIF functions.
    Our response: Functions in expression columns must be accepted by Excel and Exsion, as well as SQL. This will not change.
  • The possibility to refresh reports without having (a) user(s) logged in.
    Our response: Refer to our Task Planner comment.
  • Provide a Function Wizard or help with how to use functions.
    Our response: This issue has our attention. We are reviewing how to make using functions more user-friendly.
  • Perhaps you could provide a manual or something similar, allowing us to learn further reporting and/or techniques ourselves?   
    Our response: We are working on creating a manual. 
  • We would like a cloud version of Exsion.
    Our response: We are currently researching a cloud version that offers the same benefits as the on-premise version: Excellent performance and usability.