Building Cities and Not Losing a Penny


Woonstad Rotterdam

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When Building Cities

Their World

No administration is more elaborate than the one of a housing corporation such as Woonstad Rotterdam. Approximately 140 projects per year, from architecture to completion. In addition, planning looks ahead for several years. Housing space that should be occupied no sooner than five years, already lies on the architect’s drawing table. 

Have an Answer to Anything

Their Challenge

Being able to initiate, develop, build and rent out large housing projects, over an itinerary of several years per individual project. The different kinds of work they entail gives rise to a multitude of question concerning, for example, when to acquire land, or the current total project costs. The better Woonstad Rotterdam can answer those questions, the more efficient their operational processes will become.


Invest More Than Needed

Our Insight

HB Real Estate can assist Woonstad Rotterdam in answering any question that might arise, a so-called self-service business intelligence. This will of course require prior knowledge of these questions when configuring the system. Precisely that is the challenge of a complex world like the one of Woonstad Rotterdam: Can you already identify all questions you might possibly encounter?

Answers That Do Not Take Time

The Result

Woonstad Rotterdam is a skilled organization. In collaboration with end users, HB Real Estate has been configured to answer a wide variety of questions. The system should provide more than needed, to enable you to make crosscuts of every project, as an answer to any question that might arise in your work. Retrieving reports can be done instantly, thus enabling Woonstad Rotterdam to meet the demands of this new era, in which housing corporations have to do more with less. Spot everything that comes at you, even if it concerns a flood. 

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Building Cities and Not Losing a Penny

It is evident, that there is a lot more to tell about a world as complex as the one of a housing corporation. Would you like to a closer peek backstage at Woonstad Rotterdam, or learn more about what HB Real Estate can do for you?  

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