A Warehouse Where Nothing Is Discarded and No Mistakes Are Made



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When You Grow Big Fast

Their World

Weleda is an established drugstore brand. The manufacturer of natural care products and anthroposophical (self-care) medication has branches in 56 countries. The Benelux headquarters resides in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands. In front of the entrance lies a gorgeous herb garden. That is not marketing: Weleda manufactures on large scale from Switzerland, Germany and France and on a small scale from the herb garden at every branch office. 

Serving Totally Different Markets

Their Challenge

Weleda production and distribution takes place at three levels: An international wholesale business, online store for private individuals and professionals and prescription-based orders, resulting in a warehouse with a mix of separate products and large pallet boards. A proper balance between production quality and smooth logistics makes all the difference for Weleda.

Simplifying Logistics

Our Insight

When Weleda became our client, they were using a standard Microsoft Dynamics package. We felt that a proper warehouse system connected to Dynamics NAV would really help them. Which is something that cannot be achieved with a standard solution. Together with end users at Weleda – in offices, quality departments and warehouses – we were able to create a series of HB Components solutions that tied up several loose ends. 

No More Mistakes

The Result

Nowadays, Weleda operates with two warehouses. Orders come in through Dynamics NAV, after which packing notes with routing are compiled for order pickers. This new working routine has resulted in less unsalable products and a streamlined order process. In 2011, we were assigned to prepare the current HB Components package running at Weleda Benelux for deployment in other countries, thus allowing branch offices in other locations to adopt the same mode of operation. 

Products Used in This Case

Our Products

A Warehouse Where Nothing Is Discarded and No Mistakes Are Made

The Weleda warehouse has become a whole new world. But the world of Weleda is much bigger. Would you like to know more about what HB Components has done for their quality control? Or how easily Weleda Benelux reports to headquarters? We will happily tell you more!
Weleda turned their warehouse in the Netherlands into an effective warehouse with the WMS solution from Tasklet Factory (Partner HB Software). 

Weleda started to investigate the WMS market in 2011.

“ We wanted a warehouse management solution where we could use scanners at    our warehouse, so we could keep better track of receive, put-away and pick orders ” says Onno Rietveld, IT manager at Weleda. “ The goal for us,  was to do things faster, make fewer mistakes and save some time”. Weleda made some assumptions about how much time they could save. “ I guess we will have a fast ROI. The many hours we spent at ineffective work before implementing the WMS solution from Tasklet Factory didn’t give us any value for our business. “ Says Onno. Moreover they don’t have to work with papers anymore at Weleda.

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