Trading Internationally from Your Desk


Source Food

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A Playground Exceeding Your Perspective

Their World

From their headquarters located at Noordereiland in Hoorn, the Netherlands, Source Food monitors refrigerated transport of its meat products. Dozens of vessels shipping hundreds of containers worldwide. Source Food concludes delivery contracts for purchasing and selling its meat and poultry in all corners of the globe. 

Be Inexpensive, Even with Small Profit Margins

Their Challenge

The company operates in a complex playground. Clients may originate from a given continent, while their order could be located in another. Simultaneously, market prices are subject to continuous change. Concluding a contract – something that rarely does not involve negotiations – should take place quickly. 


Widening Perspective to the Max

Our Insight

Overview and insight are Source Food’s magical words to keep ranking among the best. An overview of the logistics part of operations makes it easier for Source Food to provide excellent service. Insight in the commercial part ensures Source Food knowing in advance how much money can be made on a delivery contract, enabling them to continue offering the best prices. 

An Answer Within Seconds

The Result

HB SmartTrade replaced Source Food’s system of Word documents and Excel sheets. Or rather, HB SmartTrade has provided a logical sequel to old work routines. The smart database behind Exsion and Microsoft Dynamics NAV combines all different data. Every report or survey possibly relevant to the Source Food team can be retrieved within seconds. For example, current prices on world markets, how much profit can be made from a contract and even precise worldwide whereabouts of client deliveries. In short, knowing exactly what is going on, even when watching the entire world. 

Trading Internationally from Your Desk

Source Food’s world is even a bit bigger than shown in this example. Would you like to know how HB SmartTrade impacted Source Food’s work? We will happily tell you more!

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