Quality Reports at the Harbor Master’s Desk Within 5 Minutes


Schutter Groep

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If Others Are Waiting for You

Their World

Schutter Group is an international logistic service provider. One of its services is monitoring and guarding the quality of goods in transit. Among others, this implies that vessels can only unload cargo after being greenlighted by Schutter Group. 

Act Fast and Do Great Work

Their Challenge

If an entire logistics chain is waiting for your work, immediate action is urgent. After all, you do not want harbor congestion. Simultaneously, however, this work should be done thoroughly. To maintain its leading position, the ability to unite these contradictions is of paramount importance to Schutter Group. 

Leave No Room for Errors

Our Insight

In a world like this, software makes all the difference. In the old situation, several systems were not connected to each other. Checkup data entry was done manually, the same applied for reports required for mooring. The key challenge was leaving as little room as possible for errors between checkup and the harbor master’s approval. 

Rapid Reporting

The Result

Schutter Group inspectors now work in Microsoft Dynamics NAV directly. Their findings – from the color of bananas to the safety of gas transit – are entered immediately. Dynamics NAV translates input to findings that are automatically processed by Exsion. Within five minutes, the harbor master will receive a report, directly from Exsion. Thus no more harbor congestion and insight in quality at all times. 

Quality Reports at the Harbor Master’s Desk Within 5 Minutes

It goes without saying, that to an organization such as Schutter Group, Exsion and Dynamics NAV mean so much more than just rapid reporting. Would you like to know everything about this case? We will happily tell you more!

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