Concrete Trucks That Will Never Arrive Too Early or Late Again



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Finding Leeway in Small Profit Margins

Their World

With 25 concrete plants, Cementbouw is one of the largest manufacturers of liquid concrete in the Netherlands. The majority of logistics is done in-house. Dozens of concrete trucks travel back and forth between plants and construction sites. In this market, where prices are highly sensitive and profit margins are extremely limited, you benefit from little things. 

Act Fast and Tactfully

Their Challenge

For non-experts, concrete will look like it is just concrete. However, nothing could be further from the truth. All different types have been defined in European construction guidelines, which caused the tiny leeway in concrete prices. In addition, timing is crucial. A concrete truck that arrives late, will delay construction, whereas the contents of a truck waiting on a construction site will quickly go bad. 

A Standard Approach Will Not Do

Our Insight

Cementbouw’s work is so specific in nature, that they required a series of HB Components solutions. For example, the software can play a part in cement truck timing by facilitating interaction between on-board computers and Dynamics NAV. Simultaneously, accounting can be automatically be done from the weighbridge. Thanks to a variety of connections between trucks, weighbridges and accounting, weighbridges themselves can actually create invoices.

Improved Profit Margins

The Result

These solutions have primarily provided Cementbouw with speed. For example, immediate insight in management information, so decisions can be made quickly. But also simple matters, such as planning travel from A to B within seconds. Each year, we still create a variety of HB Components solutions for Cementbouw. Our smart interventions help ensure Cementbouw maintains its competitive edge.


Products Used in This Case

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Concrete Trucks That Will Never Arrive Too Early or Late Again

Besides the logistic part of work, Cementbouw faces many interesting challenges, for example, certifications, price-fixing agreements and complex corporate structures. Would you like to know more about that side of the story? Or find out what we can do for your business?


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