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Bouwstoffen Unie

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From Source to Construction Site

Their World

Bouwstoffen Unie’s core business activity concerns construction supply ‘from source to building site’. With its own fleet of river vessels and unloading quays, spread throughout Germany and the Netherlands, they take care of the long journey of their products. On many of the building sites you encounter in the Netherlands, you will find products delivered there by Bouwstoffen Unie. 

Gaining Time Through Little Things

Their Challenge

The trade in raw construction materials is quite complex. Not only do order processes calculate in cubic meters and metric tons, you will also have to reckon with price-fixing, vessel rental and even river maintenance. For bulk trading – where profit margins are already limited – it is vital that no precious time is lost on fussy order processes. 

Turning Complexity into Simplicity

The Result

We frequently work with raw material suppliers and know from experience that simplifying the complexity of their trade is quite a relief. Bouwstoffen Unie keeps a file for each vessels in its administration. All vessel activities, whether you pay an unloading fee for a quay or make money on renting out a vessel, can be converted to calculation units compatible with Dynamics NAV and Exsion Reporting. 

Time for More Important Matters

The Result

In the past, Bouwstoffen Unie controllers needed several weeks to gather information for management reports. Now, it only takes a couple of days. Through Dynamics, Exsion can be accessed from the water-side as well as the office. Bouwstoffen Unie finally has time to focus on really important matters. 

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Getting Your Administration Done Four Times Faster

Bouwstoffen Unie is growing steadily. For example, take-overs of skippers of inland vessels occur frequently. Would you like to know more about how HB Construction Supplies can help take care of significant organizational changes?


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