Management Information Made Insightful to Allow for Creative Processes



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Taking Roads Less-traveled Frequently

Their World

Real estate developer Blauwhoed works like the real estate world of tomorrow. In the Blauwhoed Studio, residential concepts are developed in co-creation with end users. The majority of projects involve small-scale development and redevelopment. The real estate craft has not changed much, costs are still monitored closely and investments are also made in Blauwhoed property. 

Confident with Constant Change

Their Challenge

Blauwhoed uses an open process that is subject to their assignments. In addition, the real estate world currently is quite volatile in nature, so developers often find themselves on unfamiliar territory. Having the right information at one’s disposal at the right time therefore has become increasingly important. 

Software Supporting Creativity

Our Insight

Creativity within processes can only arise if you make choices that are exactly right. Our software supports Blauwhoed’s experts by providing them with answers to wide variety of questions at all times. This calls for cleverly configured project administration, combined with a reporting tool that is capable of immediately showing management information in several crosscuts.  

Fast and Secure

The Result

Real estate is something special. Long-term planning, legislation and specific calculation models demand a proprietary approach. For us, that insight resulted in our HB Real Estate product. In 2012, Blauwhoed – our client since 2002 – went live with this Dynamics NAV-based software. It has enabled Blauwhoed to adapt to its dynamic world, from blazingly fast answers to a wide variety of questions submitted by development teams to the consolidation of 100 private limited companies with just a few mouse clicks. Something to hold on to for those who want to let go of everything.  

Products Used in This Case

Our Products

Management Information Made Insightful to Allow for Creative Processes

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