About HB Software

HB Software consists of a team of seasoned professionals, with short communication lines and disciplines that complement each other well. A team that has truly mastered its profession and uses its extensive experience to develop, implement and consult, which provides peace of mind to our clients. Challenges are left with us in confidence, knowing a solution will be found.

In this fast world, HB Software knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff and sense from nonsense. What really matters to us, is whether software works for you. 

We take pride in over 50 implementations of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and our 800+ clients that use Exsion Reporting and Exsion Corporate.

Make Software Work for You

The paradox of business software is that it often requires extra work from you, whereas it should do your work for you.

We are HB Software. From our point of view, usability is equally important to functionality. The same applies to your internal processes outside of the software compared to software configuration. Only when applications are capable of swaying along with you in all directions, will software truly take on your work.

It Is OK to Have High Expectations

The days that using business solutions required a full-fledged education are over. You may expect the same usability from your software as you do with your tablet. Our craftsmanship focuses on creating applications that are so user-friendly that anyone within an organization can work with them.


Creating and Developing Software For More Than 25 Years

For more than 25 years, we have become familiar with new companies and the stories behind their work every single day. That is because we always closely cooperate with our clients. How otherwise would it be possible to create software that fits like a glove?

Would you like to meet HB Software and the motivated team behind our clever solutions? We would love to invite you for coffee at our office in Gouda, the Netherlands.

It Does Exist: A Standard Solution That Perfectly Suits You

We feel the trick is thorough understanding of the position of our software in your daily work. Which is why we cooperate with leading clients from all sectors and therefore speak your language perfectly. And, what is even more important: Your new software understands you as well!