Software That Works for You

  • Your world is intricate enough as it is, you need software that turns complexity into simplicity. Software that works for you is software that you can rely on every day and use without required in-depth knowledge, perfectly matching what you want to achieve.
  • HB Software is a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist, providing industry solutions for real estate projects, construction suppliers and international trade. Our unique HB Building Blocks concept enables companies with extremely specific business processes to use standard software, while experiencing it as a tailor-made solution. 
  • In addition, over 10,000 users utilize Exsion Reporting and Exsion Corporate. Financial controllers use Exsion Reporting for (ad hoc) analyses, monthly closings and management reports based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX data. Exsion Corporate is used for ERP-independent financial consolidation of medium-sized and large international corporations. Together with Power BI, Exsion Reporting is a powerful tool for Dashboarding and Analytics.

About HB Software

Looking through our eyes…

Software that can do anything and immediately be used by anyone. Ergo, a balance between functionality and usability. Truly an art, but precisely what our work amounts to.

When looking at software through our eyes, you will primarily see a world with a lot to be gained. 

Be Inspired

HB Software receives the highest quality certificate of Microsoft: CfMD

You cannot buy this certificate. One must earn it by complying to a number of technical, legal and commercial criteria. That’s why we are very proud.

This certificate gives our customers the certainty of:

  • Continuity: in emergency the software can be made accessible for third parties.
  • Our customers are satisfied they are prepared to testify.
  • The software is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 2016.
  • The code complies to the standards of Microsoft.  
  • Documentation is available.

When you are looking for a Smart Trade solution you can not get more quality on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.